Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its Been a While but Its Time for a Rant

So, it has been a while since I last updated or posted a review, but I wanted to take this time to rant about something as opposed to reviewing something.

It seems more and more common these days that bands are experimenting with synth, all be it from just keys or just plugging their vocals into some sort of music composed on Garage Band while in there room on the MacBook.

I have no problem with progression, and bands experimenting with different aspects of music, but what is with this new fad of every genre having so much synth inputted into it?

We are starting to cross the line from indie/experimental and progressive/powerpop into just plain old techno. Seriously, there is no difference in between what "bands" like Brokencyde, Millionaires, and Breathe Carolina are doing.

I remember when synth was used to add awesome parts to songs, when keys sounded dark and provided mood and power to the song.

There is no point to listening to "indie" or "pop punk" bands that only produce their beats and shit using synth. What the difference between listening to them and say, Britney Spears? Ill tell you, they're 16 year old boys who girls think are "hot". A complete and utter waste of time. Maybe someday they'll step out of their limo and show you their junk with their mini-skirt wearing trans-gender-confused selves.

All I am hoping for, is that this fad will be like boy bands were in the 90s (in which they are practically the same thing).

While I am at it, what the fuck is up with bands synthing their voice as well and using distortion filters on them? Do they suck that bad that not even a normal equalizer will tone their voice to something that won't make your ears bleed? (not that their filter helps that any)

All I am going to leave this at is, people need to realize this isn't talent. You really have no idea how hard bands who don't use these cheesy ass techniques work at making their music sound so amazing, and how they have to work with each other to create great music.

These bands, who know who they are, need to quit while they are ahead. We're tired of your not-quite-good-enough techno and your far from perfect vocals.