Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Earth Crisis - To The Death

In my few day hiatus away from blogging, I enjoyed my anniversary, gave my brain some time to thing and digest. Returning, I decided to take on something closer to me. Earth Crisis after years of being apart have gotten back together, and of course when I heard that, I was pumped. Being from Syracuse, and a strong believer in what the band believes in as well, this is something I just needed to do.

This more than likely is going to be a short review, I don't have a lot to say about the album. Well, that is a lie, I have a lot to say, but no words to form what I want to say.

From the start, the album promises powerful vocal overhaul, a bit more vicious compared to older Earth Crisis. It also promises strong instrumentals and a dynamic that you just could not find from anywhere else besides those tormented souls that have to reside in Syracuse, NY.

In Syracuse, the majority of us like a few things. We like our hardcore loud, we like our brotherhood, and those who are edge are very proud to be. Even if someone else is not edge, our brotherhood and sisterhoods bring us together for the love of hardcore and doing something that we believe, not only in this moment, but forever will be important, and a great way to send a message.

Earth Crisis once again hits on this album with all of that. Powerful vocals and brutal instrumentals continuously have you rocking and thrashing about. Some of the lyrics portray the straight edge and vegan life style, yet is not overwhelming and "do this or you fucking suck" type of song.

I love the intro to the song that says "The weapons of drugs and dealers kill more in months and weeks than Al-Quida victims, for the cartel's greed", this is simply a great lead into a great edge song. This song actually makes me feel proud to be who I am, and where I come from. Just a great song with a great message. Imagine one song saying everything you want to about the wrongs of society and drug use, etc. This song does that for me, and it should open up your eyes too.

All in all, this album delivers the whole way through, and you just need to listen to it to be able to appreciate it.

Album: 9 out of 10 zings.

Message to Band: Keep it up, seriously. You are the only reason that makes it cool to be from Syracuse, fuck the orangemen.

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