Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Punk Goes....everything

I figured this was a much needed review, as covers are a very big part of the punk/hardcore/etc industry and world.

Every Punk Goes...album has produced good covers, from Crunk, Pop, 80's 90's and yes, even Metal. I am always willing to pick up a Punk Goes... album from Fearless records, because more often than not, there is always a good listen.

Punk Goes Pop 2 is the newest release from the line of albums. I have to admit, I don't really listen to the radio all too much, so I don't even know a lot of "pop" songs I guess you could say. Most of what I do hear is from commercials, or have seen bands covering on youtube.

This album actually had a bunch of songs I already knew though. The bands range from the electronica-indie type deal, to some metal.

First off let me say that the choice of songs on here was an amazing...well...choice. My only complaint is enough with the Britney Spears covers already. Baby One More Time has been covered more times that my extended family has fingers and toes as it is. But, the cover of Toxic is quite alright. I believe its the first cover I have heard of it as well.

The only two songs I have to give a thumbs down to are Baby One More Time by August Burns Red and Icebox by There For Tomorrow. It seems August Burns Red tried a little to hard, or it just wasn't the right cover choice for them. And There For Tomorrow didn't interpret the song at all and it still sounds very R&B.

All in all, the best covers are by far those by Silverstein (apologize) and A Day To Remember (Over My Head), purely for the fact that they interpret the song, change it up a little bit, but don't over do it. After all, if you are covering a song, it should be something you connect with, and not struggle with. Bayside is in a close third place to all those.

I really don't have much to say about this album, it is quite good. All I can say is give it a listen.

Album: 8 out of 10 zing.

Message to band(s): covers shouldn't sound like you struggled with them...if you hear it and it sounds like that, rethink your choice. Also don't just karaoke it either.

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