Monday, June 8, 2009

I Am Ghost: "Those We Leave Behind"

Ever since the release and my first discovery of this band, I have been a huge fan of their music. We Are Always Searching was an amazing first album, probably one of the most distinguished sounds I had ever heard from a newer band, especially for one of their first major releases. The music style, the exchanged between dark male voices and a beautiful female vocal with violin was the most amazing thing I had heard for a while.

When Lover's Requiem had been released, a freshman album was followed up by a very strong sophomore album. I have to say I was very pleased and very enthused with the quality of the album. The re-make of a couple songs on We Are Always Searching were very well done. The soft songs, the heavy songs, the ballads, the connective lyrics. Everything was very well put together, and yet again was another album that I did not want to skip any tracks on.

So when I heard interviews about the new album being "the darker album" and "one of the most lyrically connected" to the lead vocalist's feelings about what he has been feeling and going through in the past couple years, I was pleasantly awaiting a listen. When "Bone Garden" was released on myspace, I was very pleasantly surprised and content with what they had written and decided to release.

On first listen, I was expecting the type of intro they had, as they have used similar types of intros on their past albums. The album starts off great, with strong instrumentals and strong lyrics, and continues to stay that way throughout the entire album. The violin and key parts never conflict and create and ear-ache, mind-confusing tune. The arrangement of every song is very clear, and riffs are easily understood, as are the lyrics, even during the screams.

I agree with what was said, the lyrics portray a very dark image. Granted the fact that the instrumentals were always kind of a mix of a lot of genres, the dark guitar, almost dark metal sounding, throw a great feeling of musical confidence from the band. It almost seems effortless for them to create great songs and makes it very easy to feel like you can connect with the band.

Honestly my only knit-picking would be to give us a little more screaming, I love his passion when he screams. I also would not mind a little more double kicks on the drums. I can't complain about that all too much though, as their musical arrangement and technique is amazing for I Am Ghost.

This album is one in which I only skip a couple songs on the album. Not because they're not good songs, but because I don't connect with the lyrics. It is very rare in which I find an album where I don't skip tracks, so being that I like every song, is a good sign. I also would not mind a couple more breakdowns. I am a sucker for open-string bass riffs and slow drumming with crashes.

For the most part, I could keep listening to this album over and over, and couple probably memorize all the lyrics within a couple days if I did so. I Am Ghost is one of those bands who are just themselves, and I love them for that.

Album: 7 out of 10 zings.

Message to Band: Ignore what I say and keep doing what you're doing. Your progression into what this new album has become was amazing. I have a feeling your next album will melt my face off.

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