Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Her Death and After - Demos

It seems I get more and more legit band requests on my myspace every day. While I am glad that I am finding more bands worth the time to listen to and even review, I still get hit with the frequently horrible band that shouldn't be around, or at least shouldn't have posted a song on myspace until they could have had a better recording quality. Seriously, a quick note to all those bands starting out - I know you want to get your music out there and share it, but it shouldn't be a live session in your drummer's basement, which is recorded with a Rock Band mic hooked up to a laptop with Audacity set up to record.

All that shit aside, a band named Her Death and After added me on myspace. Although I usually don't like band names that pertain to death and such, and it usually turns me away from listening to them, I figured I would give it a shot. Holy shizz up the spout, I am glad I did not skip of these guys.

Killer vocals in each and every song, that are absolutely solid. The vocalist has great diction and is easily understood. Both clean and growls are smooth, and the two vocals mix well together, as opposed to some bands that have the two ranges of sings and screams clash, they seem to be complimenting each other and actually harmonizing.

And let me state, the breakdown at the end of "I Stand Corrected" near made me piss myself. Absolutely beautifully constructed and put together, nothing sounds off beat or poorly put together. In fact, none of these songs sound half assed. To me, it sounds like if they had a problem while writing one of these songs, or something didn't sound right to them, or not good enough for their standards, they may have gone back and re-wrote part of the song just to make it shred all the better, that or they are just that good.

Seriously, every song I have listened to by these guys is absolutely solid. From breakdowns to sing alongs, these guys cover a lot of ground. Quite honestly, I wish they already had a CD I could put into my car's player, or even a digital album to download onto the eyePod.

Who would I recommend these guys to? I would say fans of A Day to Remember, On the Last Day, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, Vanna, Catherine, Machinemade God, Silverstein, A Skylit Drive, Alesana...and so on.

Her Death and After demos - 10 out of 10 zings

Message to band: Honestly, I think you guys are on a whole nother level than I have been hearing lately. You guys can shred like no one else. This is why I gave you my first 10 out of 10. Very comparable to all of my favorite heavy bands, and have a lot of potential to grow as a band and make something of what your passion is, and I honestly hope you guys do. The only other band/album that would get 10 out of 10 is ADTR's "Homesick" (which I have yet to review), and Silverstein's "Discovering the Waterfront" (my favorite album of all time). Seriously, keep it up, and don't give up. You guys have amazing potential.


  1. this band is so sick, i heard about them from a local band where i live.

  2. this band is completly full of themselves. completly.

  3. I 100% disagree with that last comment. I know these guys in person and if anything they don't give themselves enough credit. These guys honestly match up to every word in this review. I'm not going to sit here and boast them up more because i honestly don't have time to argue over the internet. Great review though Chris and i suggest everyone see these guys live. They will go far unless they break up again ;) <--smartass

  4. Haha i love these guys. They're my fuckin brothers til the end. They're movin back home though which really sucks but its for the better of the band. Gotta get a job somewhere ya know? Hope these shitheads make it. It was a good run, soon to be continued.

    Love, Rookie.

  5. I must say, this review made me smile from ear to ear! I get such a great feeling when I listen to their music, watch them perform, or just hang around their practice spot drinking ourselves stupid.
    I've known the majority of these guys for 3+ years, much longer than they've even been HDAA, and I must say these guys have come a great length from where they used to be!
    The first time I head their MySpace songs, I nearly shit myself as well. I couldn't believe how wonderful the recordings were to listen to and the progress they'd all made as musicians. Sean Murray (guitar/vocals) was a great addition to their original line-up. Behind his guitar, or behind the mic, he colors the music into a very enjoyable color. Kevin Wadley has come a great way vocally. His annunciation in his screaming is suburb. And Andrew is even more fierce than he's ever been and so fun to watch. His facial expression during shows is that of a person trying a unicycle for the first time and rolling down a huge hill, all the while in their sweat soaked boxer shorts.
    All in all, Kevin, Sean, Josh, Andrew and Aaron really do make an amazing sound and stage show.
    Much love goes out to them, and we're excited to join them in the endeavor to make some noise in Southern OR.
    Welcome back boys, we're glad you're back, and wish you the best of luck!


  6. PS- Second anonymous guy down, you're an idiot. :)

  7. her death and after is freaking gnarly!!