Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lets Get It - Digital Spaces

Now, if you've already read my blog before, and you know this band, you know how this review is going to turn out. Honestly I can't even form enough words to make this blog long enough. In fact, I even feel like I am wasting my time here.

This band sent me a friend request on Myspace saying how they're on the Atticus tour this year and they saw that I liked Vanna and wanted me to give them a listen.

I was like cool, most of the bands on the tour this year are pretty awesome in the first place so I'll give them a listen.

They have their music player set so that you have to click the play button before it starts playing the music. Their banner had their pictures and there is an African American guy in the band, I was like cool, I love when bands can break the whole race barrier.

Well all I really have to say is what the fuck. I hate these kinds of bands.

Mostly synth, and I can't even tell what instruments are being played mixed in with it, if they are at all. The voice sounds dumb and is definitely behind some sort of synthesizer itself. Whats the point? Take away all your garbage bullshit synth and play your instruments. Maybe its because that band wouldn't be good without it? Has to be if I can barely hear the actual instruments.

I am not impressed by any of the songs, they're not catchy, the voice sounds retarded (it may be decent and normal sounding without distortion tactics).

All in all, don't even both checking out this band, but do if you like shitty talentless music. Well maybe there is talent there...but you can't tell, synth makes everything (and possible talent) sub-par sounding.

Album: 1 out of 10 zings

Message to band: Lose the synth, let the vocals be clear cut without fucking synthing and distorting, or break up.

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  1. let's get it doesn't suck, but that's just your opinion